Did you know

The origin of the word SPA (‘Sanitas Per Aqua’) refers to water treatments. Terms evolve over time though, and in today’s context, a Spa does not necessarily indicate water treatments.

So a seaweed wrap at the Hydro is an excellent treatment. Because osmosis occurs, balancing the highest concentration to the lowest, a seaweed wrap will infuse a tired person with the negatively charged ions they are lacking. Seaweed possesses all of the vitamins, nutrients, amino acids and trace elements your body needs for healthy functioning at cellular level. Seaweed treatments are recommended for those who suffer from stress, chronic fatigue, cellulite, dermatological conditions, and to maintain well being. The eight medically recognised benefits of sea water and seaweed therapy are rebalanced energy, stress relief, restoration of skin firmness and suppleness, slimming, increased circulation, increased flexibility and pain reduction of joints, detoxification, and preparation for and recuperation from physical activity. In fact, it is so highly regarded in France for it’s medicinal attributes that insurance companies cover treatment costs!

Hydrotherapy refers to water related treatments, such as the Hydro tub, steam room, steam box and Vichy shower. What makes water as a substance so conducive to treating the body? Firstly, it takes more heat to change the temperature of water than any other common substance. In other words, water stores more energy the any other substance. Water also submerges and envelopes the body completely, immersing every inch of the skin, the body’s largest and most sensitive organ. The beneficial effects of hot steam on the skin and lungs have been recognised since Antiquity. The humidity of a steam bath results in the easy flow of perspiration from the pores of the skin upon contact with the steam, leaving the skin cleansed and soft. You will also feel your joints starting to loosen and become more supple.

The Hydro tub’s water jets provide an extremely sensory massage. A jet of water massages the surface of the skin. You will immediately feel how circulation is stimulated in the tissue. One of the biggest advantages is that it is such an enjoyable experience. Treating yourself to any bath in an exotic location is an experience on it’s own.

Men and Spas :

They wax, they moisturise, and they fret over their cuticles.

Men are increasingly heading to the Spa to indulge in beauty treatments once reserved for women. It is the latest concept of modern man. They are men that know and care about fashion, food, good grooming and don’t care who knows it. They are in touch and comfortable with their feminine sides but aren’t whimps or effeminate in any way.

It is especially the younger generation who are starting to understand that they can look great and be healthy. Therefore we offer our ever-popular couples treatments, and after the first time the wives drag them here, they invariably do the subsequent bookings!

At the Wilderness Hydro we endeavour to bring together all the virtues of water therapy, traditional beauty treatments and specialised treatments using specific products into one place that is conducive to complete serenity and calm.